• Aurand K7-1 Handheld Electric Scarifier, 5in Cleaning Area, 115V
  • Carbon Brushes for Makita HM1304B Powertools - With Automatic Stop, Spring, Cable and Connector - Replaces 191953-5, 191957-7, CB-203 & CB-204
  • Donaldson P559000 Lube Filter, Spin-on, Full Flow (Pack of 2)
    Pack of 2 Primary Application: FLEETGUARD LF9000, LF9001 CUMMINS SIGNATURE 600
  • Whatman 6890-2507 Glass Microfiber GD/X 25 Syringe Filter, GF/F, 25mm, 0.7 Micron (Pack of 150)
    0.7µm; ideal choice for the preparation of hard-to-filter samples Pigment-free polypropylene housing with a prefiltration stack Eliminates sample contamination Allows you to filter even the most difficult samples with less hand pressure Processes three to seven times more sample volume
    419.98 $
  • FAIREY ARLON (Parker) TXW5ACC10 Hydraulic Filter Direct Interchange by Millennium-Filters
    Compatible with OEM product Made in Michigan USA Quantity discounts available. Please contact customer service for quote. Shipping costs may vary up or down depending on geographic location and method of delivery. Customer will always receive lowest actual rate. Photo images may be general representations of products and are updated periodically. All products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects and meet or exceed factory specifications in terms of fit, form and functionality.
    92.69 $
  • P554004 - Donaldson Lube Filter, Spin- On Full Flow (1R0739, LF667) (Pack of 6)
    100% Genuine Donaldson Filter Replaces CAT 1R0739 & Fleetguard LF776
    75.00 $
  • F & M Brush Company Dynasty Blue Ice Short Handle Brush-Series 32WV Wave(R) Size 10, Black
    This multi-media brush uses a combination of different strengths and absorbency in two fibers that creates a brush that will hold more medium for an even distribution of paint This 1x9 inch package contains one Wave Size 10 brush
    8.06 $
  • Whatman 1851-047 Quartz Microfiber Binder Free Filter, 2.2 Micron, 6.4 s/100mL Flow Rate, Grade QM-A, 4.7cm Diameter (Pack of 100)
    Diameter: 4.7cm High purity quartz (SiO2) microfibre filter is are used for air sampling in acidic gases, stacks, flues and aerosols Particularly at high temperatures up to 500°C and in PM-10 testing Because of the low level of alkaline earth metals, "artifact" products of sulfates and nitrates (from SO2 and NO2) are virtually eliminated QM-A, sequentially numbered according to EPA standards, is suitable for most applications
    145.24 $
  • Whatman 1441-070 Ashless Quantitative Filter Paper, 7.0cm Diameter, 20 Micron, Grade 41 (Pack of 100)
    Diameter: 7.0cm Retention: 20µm Fastest ashless filter paper Recommended for analytical procedures involving coarse particles or gelatinous precipitates (iron or aluminium hydroxides) Used in quantitative air pollution analysis as a paper tape for impregnation when determining gaseous compounds at high flow rates
  • Pokin for Eureka Sanitaire Vacuum Lexan Fan # 12988, 2000 Series, SC886, SC887, 20-8620-08
    Brand New - Unused Parts Replacement Eureka Lexan Clear High Profile Fan 2000 Series Sc886 Sc887 # 12988,21-8605-05, 20-8605-01 SC695B Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC899D Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC899E-1 Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC899E-3 Commercial Upright Vacuum, S645A Upright Vacuum, S661D Upright Vacuum, S670D Upright ,Vacuum, 670D-1 Upright Vacuum, S675A Upright Vacuum, SC899E Commercial Upright Vacuum SC888G Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC888G-1 Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC888H Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC888H-1 Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC888J Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC888J-1 Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC888K Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC889A Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC899E-2 Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC899F Commercial Upright Vacuum SC883A-1 Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC886D Commercial Upright Vacuum ,SC886E Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC886E-1 Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC886E-2 Commercial Upright Vacuum, ,SC886E-3 Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC887A Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC887B Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC887B-1 Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC887B-2 Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC888D Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC888E Commercial Upright Vacuum, SC888F Commercial Upright Vacuum
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