• OEM Trane American Standard GE Genteq Fan Motor 1/4 HP 200-230v 5KCP39MFAC15AS
    1/4 HP , 825 RPM OEM Motor American Standard / Trane OEM / Service First Component with Warranty Commonly Used in these Trane Units 2TTA3060A3000BA, 2TTA3060A3S00AA, 2TTA3060A3SE0AA, 2TTB3060A1000BA, 2TTB3060A1000CA, 2TTB3060A1000NA, 2TTB3060A1S00AA, 2TTB3060A1SE0AA, 2TWB3048A1000BA, 2TWB3048A1000CA, 2TWB3060A1000BA, 2TWB3060A1000CA, 4TTA3042A3000AA, 4TTA3042A3000BA, 4TTA3048A3000AA, 4TTA3048A3000BA, 4TTA3060A3000AA, 4TTA3060A3000BA, 4TTA7060A3000AA Also Used in: 4TTB3042A1000AA, 4TTB3042A1000BA, 4TTB3048A1000AA, 4TTB3048A1000BA, 4TTB3060A1000AA, 4TTB3060A1000BA, 4TTB4061E1000CA, 4TTB6061A1000AA, 4TTR3042A1000AA, 4TTR3048A1000AA, 4TTR3060A1000AA, 4TTR5061E1000BA, 4TTR6060A1000AA, 4TTR6061B1000AA, 4TTR7060A1000AA Replaces / Supersedes:  MOT2925 MOT-2925 MOT02925 MOT3419 MOT03419 MOT03419 MOT04752 MOT-4752 MOT8550 MOT-8550 MOT08550 MOT08914 MOT-8914 MOT8914 MOT10479 MOT-10479 MOT12401 MOT-12401  MOT-12207 MOT12207 MOT-12535 MOT12535 MOT13829 MOT-13829 MOT13833 MOT- 13833
  • OEM Emerson Trane Condenser FAN MOTOR 1/4 HP 208-230v K55HXFDH-7740
    1/4 HP 208 - 230V 825 RPM
  • K55HXLDY-9962 - Emerson OEM Replacement Furnace Blower Motor 1 HP 115 Volt
    This is a Brand New OEM Replacement Furnace Blower Motor Top Qualty OEM Replacement Part! 1 HP 115 Volt
  • OEM ICP Heil Tempstar Emerson 3/4 HP 115v Furnace BLOWER MOTOR K55HXFFA-7697
    3/4HP 115V 900 RPM 1011404
    337.14 $
  • Mars 10703 115V 60Hz Induced Draft Furnace Blower Motor Fasco #A157 (Replaces Goodman B18590-05 and 7002-2307)
    Part Numbers: B18590-05, 10703, 31-09X, J238-112-11258 Application: 80+ gas furnaces Electrical: 115V, 60Hz, 1.4 FLA, 1.9 LRA Speed: Single speed; 3,000 RPM; continuous duty DOES NOT INCLUDE GASKET MATERIAL
    94.95 $ 108.84 $ -13%
  • Dayton OEM Blower, Blower Outlet Shape Rectangular, Blower Wheel Diameter 8-1/4" 1TDT4 - 1 Each
    219.99 $
  • Trane MOT10478 Central Air Conditioner Condenser Fan Motor Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part
    Brand: Trane Product Number: MOT10478 Category: HVAC Free Shipping on this item!
    244.96 $
  • OEM Upgraded GE Genteq 1/2 HP 115 Volt Furnace Blower Motor 5KCP39LGV569BS
    BRAND NEW OEM Upgraded Furnace Blower Motor 1/2 HP, 115 Volt OEM Wiring Color Code & Mounting Makes Wiring Easy!
    234.99 $
  • OEM Upgraded GE Genteq 1/8 HP 230v Condenser Fan Motor 5KCP39BGR426S
    BRAND NEW OEM Upgraded Condenser Fan Motor 1/8 HP, 208-230 Volt OEM Wiring Color Code & Wiring Diagram Makes Wiring Easy!
  • K55HXKPY-9740 - Emerson OEM Replacement Furnace Blower Motor 1/2 HP 120 Volt
    This is a Brand New OEM Replacement Furnace Blower Motor Top Qualty OEM Replacement Part! 1/2 HP 120 Volt
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