• Reed Tool EHTP500C Electric Hydrostatic Test Pump, 110V, Single Phase 50/60 Hz with Cage
    Smooth running, quiet 3/4 HP motor Includes a 15-foot (4.6m) high pressure hose for filling the system Includes metal cage for pump protection Easily adjustable output pressure Built-in bypass
  • Leviton LB115-DS 15 Amp, 1-Pole Plug-on Smart AFCI/GFCI Branch Circuit Breaker, 120 VAC, White
    SMART - Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection options for remote monitoring, control, and custom notifications SIMPLE - Features an all plug-on design - no wiring to the circuit breaker* INTUITIVE - Color indicators in the handle and LEDs to easily see operational status at-a-glance APPROACHABLE - Contemporary aesthetic and rocker style handle are more user friendly
  • Amprobe AM-420 Digital Multimeter, AC Voltage: 200.0/250 V
    Verify presence of voltage in receptacles, switches, extension cords and light fixtures Test light bulbs and fuses with continuity function Measurements: voltage up to 250V ac/dc, dc current and resistance Cat ii 250V safety rating
  • TPI Corporation AC-MOT Industrial Motor for Circulators, Single Phase, 120 Volt
    Replacement 2-speed motor for use with TPI industrial circulators 120V, 2.4 amp, single phase, 1/4 hp Permanently lubricated, totally enclosed ball bearing motor with permanent split capacitor 1/2" diameter shaft for attachment to fan blade hub 12' SJT type three-conductor cord with a three-prong plug for connecting to grounded electric outlets
    104.56 $
    Price For: Each
    11.49 $
  • Leviton LB115-DF 15 Amp, 1-Pole Plug-on AFCI/GFCI Branch Circuit Breaker, 120 VAC,White
    The circuit breaker will not reset if Arc-fault or ground fault protection is compromised. An all plug-on design - no wiring to the circuit breaker (applications up to 60A when using copper wire or 50A when using aluminum wire) More precise trips based on current, even in extreme temperatures: -40ºC to 85ºC, without re-rating Line-side powered LEDs will display AFCI or GFCI trip condition when circuit breaker has tripped Color indicators in the handle to easily see operational status at-a-glance. White color and rocker style handle with lower actuation force required for switching brings a familiar look and feel for a more comfortable user experience
    71.91 $ 77.00 $ -7%
  • 70 Pcs 14 Values 3 Pin Terminal Positive Negative/Voltage Regulator IC Transistor Kit T0-220 L7805 L7806 L7808 L7809 L7812 L7815 L7824 L7905 L7906 L7908 L7909 L7912 L7915 LM317
    Product Name :Voltage Regulator Transistor Model :L7805, L7806, L7808, L7809, L7812, L7815, L7824, L7905, L7906, L7908, L7909, L7912, L7915, LM317 Type: Triode Transistor;Pin Number: 3 Voltage Regulator Transistor are basic semiconductor device that control current, which can also be used as a non-contact switch This is a great assortment of transistors for electronic professionals or enthusiasts
    16.99 $
  • Power Transistor & Voltage Regulator, Mosfet, Thyristor Assortment Kit, 82 pcs, 24 Types, 78L05 L7805 L7905 LM317 TL431 MAC97A6 BTA06 TIP3c TIP41c TIP42c D882 BC140 IRF540 IRFZ44 TIP122 Others
    Power Transistor / Voltage Regulator Assortment, 82 pcs and 24 types Includes Voltage Regulators, Power Transistors, Power MOSFETs, Thyristor / Triacs, Darlingtons: Voltage Regulators: 78L05, L7805, 79L05, L7905, 78L12, L7812, L7824, LM317, TL431, Thyristors: MAC97A6, BT134-600E, BTA06 Power Transistors: TIP31C, TIP32C, TIP41C, TIP42C, D882, B772, BD139, BD140, Mosfets: IRF540, IRFZ44, Darlingtons: TIP122, TIP127 The components come sorted accordingly in a labeled and handy box, includes 4 pcs Heatsinks
    19.90 $
    Price For: Each Voltage Rating VDC: 32V Voltage Rating VAC: 250V No. of Poles: 1 Circuit Breaker Mounting: Panel Series: W28 Operating Voltage: 250V Trip Time (Seconds): 4.5-28 RoHS Compliant: Yes
  • 60PCS 10 Values Three Terminal Positive & Negative Voltage Regulator Transistor Kit T0-220 Package(L7805, L7806, L7809, L7812, L7815, L7824, L7905, L7912, L7915, LM317)
    Product Name : 100% new and high quality 60pcs 10 value Voltage Regulator Transistor Model : L7805, L7806, L7809, L7812, L7815, L7824, L7905, L7912, L7915, LM317 Assortment Box for Easy Carry, Also with A Lable Mark Resistance Convenient for DIY and repair equipment and electrical appliances Pin Number: 3
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